My work at the Society focuses on the preservation of traditional and digital media (photographs, magnetic tape, and film). I also partner with other local institutions to build digital humanities infrastructure (curricula, partnerships, and planning).

Digital Project Management

Digital Literacy and Education

Detroit-area Cultural Heritage

Community Building

Network Detroit

A digital humanities conference for sharing research and resources across local colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and the private sector

Detroit 1967

A community project to memorialize the 50th anniversary of the civil disturbance of 1967 and to create new conversations on racial harmony within the city of Detroit

Detroit Video History Archive

An IMLS and NEH media project to digitize, preserve, and make public video materials from the city of Detroit and the collection of the Detroit Historical Society

DHS Online Collection

A large digital repository of Detroit history including ~37,000 digitized photographs, videos, and paper documents

Re-Documenting Detroit

A Knight Foundation community project with student photographers from the College for Creative Studies

Tech News Archive

A project started by undergrads at Lawrence Tech to digitize the university newspaper

2014 - Present

Detroit Historical Society

Manager of Digital Projects

I currently manage an evolving number of digital projects at the Detroit Historical Society with a small team of technicians, interns, and volunteers.

2012 - 2014

Lawrence Technological University


At Lawrence Tech, I taught courses in literature, composition, and the digital humanities. I also worked on projects dedicated to improving diversity within STEM and promoting the digital liberal arts.

2008 - 2012

University of Maryland


At the University of Maryland, I taught courses in literature, composition, rhetoric, and the digital humanities.

Expected 2016

University of Maryland

PhD English

My PhD dissertation is on the material history of play and draws from diverse historical examples including drama, chess, pinball, and video games.


Loyola University Chicago

MA English

My master's work involved the study of Shakespeare, textual criticism, and the digital humanities.


Eastern Michigan University

BS English for Secondary Education

My undergraduate degree focused on teaching English and mathematics.